Scotts Equipment Cayman National Squash Championships 2017

Scotts Revised LogoScotts Equipment Cayman National Squash Championships have been completed with great spirit throughout the competitions. The results of the various events are as follows:

Mens Open
Winner Cameron Stafford
Runner Up Julian Jervis
Womens Open
Winner Eilidh Bridgeman
Runner up Samantha Hennings
Mens B
Winner Jeff Danter
Runner up David Pitcairn
Womens B
Winner Kali Maclean
Runner up Delia Slater
Mens C
Winner Jace Jervis
Runner Up Keith Higgins
Mens 40+
Winner Dean Watson
Runner Up Jeff Danter
Womens 40+
Winner Catherine Hindness
Runner Up Cathy Maclean
Mens 50+
Winner Ashley Gunning
Runner Up Ken Moore
Womens 50+
Winner Delia Slater
Runner Up Helen Cronier


EFG Bank Cayman National Championships – Results are in and Articles are in the Compass and Reporter!

EFG_Logo_CMY_pos_VH9 Cayman compass article click here: Compass Link


Cayman Reporter Article click here: Reporter Link

EFG Bank Cayman National Junior Squash Championships 2017
Boys Under 11 Winner – Brody McComb
Boys Under 11 Runner Up – Robby Madden
Girls Under 11 Winner – Sasha Hardie
Girls Under 11 Runner Up – Ailey Finch
Boys Under 13 Winner – Jace Jervis
Boys Under 13 Runner Up – Pierce Terry
Girls Under 13 Winner – Olivia Kluyver
Girls Under 13 Runner Up – Jade Barnard
Boys Under 15 Winner – Pierce Terry
Boys Under 15 Runner Up – Jace Jervis
Girls Under 15 Winner – Lauren Fullerton
Girls Under 15 Runner Up – Shaelah Parchment Henry
Boys Under 17 Winner – David Pitcairn
Boys Under 17 Runner Up – Nathan Maclean
Girls Under 17 Winner – Jade Pitcairn
Girls Under 17 Runner Up – Kali Maclean
Boys Under 19 Winner – David Pitcairn
Boys Under 19 Runner Up – Isaiah Robinson
Girls Under 19 Winner – Jade Pitcairn
Girls Under 19 Runner Up – Emma Turnbull

EFG Bank Cayman National Junior Squash Championships 2017 – April 26th – 29th


I would like to thank EFG Bank for coming forward to support Cayman Junior squash and sponsoring this years national junior championships.
This year we have an online sign up for the junior entries for the first time and would like to think that we are trying to stay up to date! 😉
If you are a South Sound Squash Club member, this should take you directly to the tournament sign up page(from the direct link below), however if you are not, or your child is not you will have to sign in for them(through the link below) – which is free and you only need their name and email address along with their date of birth. You will be asked your Country, put Cayman Islands and then no home club. Once you have secured a membership if you click on the link below again, you should be taken directly to the tournament sign up page.
Please click on the link below in order to enter the tournament.
You can enter more than one event, but you can only register for one at a time.
Creating the event online should allow us to have the draws online at all times and update them in real time so anyone who has the link can follow the event/players as it/they progress.
If you can’t manage to sign up for the relevant event, please email me and give me the details of the player including date of birth and I will enter them for you.

MAPLES Caribbean Junior Squash Championships 2016 Begins this Sat!

JR.-CASA-2016-LOGOWe have the best junior players from throughout the Caribbean region visiting our shores from 15th – 23rd July. They will be competing in individual age group events from under 11 through under 19 in both boys and Girls. The first round will begin Sat 16th from 10am, with matches all day Sat, all day Sunday and the finals will be on Monday evening from 5pm. Please come down and support Cayman’s youngsters.

There will be a team event starting on Tuesday 19th which will run through until Sat 23rd between the 7 caribbean nations here to take part. These are Bermuda, Barbados, Cayman, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Eastern Caribbean States.


EFG Bank National Squash Championships 2016 – Results

1_EFG_Rgrey_rgb Winners

Click on photo above to see gallery

EFG Bank National Squash Championships 2016.

We would like to thank all of the entrants in this years EFG Bank National Squash Championships and congratulate the winners and runners up.

Mens A Winner – Cameron Stafford, Runner Up – Gabe Rabess

Mens B Winner – Jeff Danter, Runner Up – Richard Reading

Mens C Winner – David Pitcairn, Runner Up – Keith Higgins

Mens 40+ Winner – Gabe Rabess, Runner Up – Neil Stone-wigg

Mens 50+ Winner – Neil Stone-wigg, Runner Up – Ashley Gunning

Ladies A Winner – Claire Roscoe, Runner Up – Jade Pitcairn

Ladies B Winner – Emma Turnbull, Runner Up – Ally Artuch

Ladies C/D Winner – Skylar Smith, Runner up – Vanessa Fullerton

Ladies 40+ Winner – Janet Sairsingh, Runner up – Marian Goodall

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Mens A

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Mens B

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Mens C

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Mens 40+

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Mens 50+

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Ladies A

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Ladies B

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Ladies C:D

EFG Bank Senior National Championships 2016 Ladies 40+

Baker Tilly Corporate League Returns!

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

We are now a few weeks in to the latest Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League and the teams have come out swinging!

After two rounds of matches, past champions DMS are sitting top of the table with 20 points. DMS took on Digicel this week claiming a convincing victory. DMS’s Jeff Jones had the match of the night, fighting back from match ball down to clinch the deciding 5th set 14-12 against Digicel’s James.

The biggest match up of the night was the KPMG grudge match with KPMG Kman playing against KPMG Kobras. The Kobras had the firepower on the night claiming a 10 – 5 victory and the bragging rights to go with it. In what was another nail biting match, Samantha Hennings of the Kobras went to the 5th set against Mark Sparg of KPMG Kman. Hennings just had the edge over Sparg taking the last game 11-9 and therefore the match.

League veterans UBS played Sotheby’s this week, with Sotheby’s claiming an 11-4 win. Sotheby’s tactfully employed some of the clubs talented juniors with Mischa Kluyver and Jasun Sairsingh both claiming well-deserved 3-0 wins on the night for the team. Kali MacLean, another up and coming junior, narrowly lost in an exciting 5 set battle after coming back from 1 game down.

League sponsors, Baker Tilly, faced off against relative newcomers Phoenix. Phoenix had an impressive start to the league going into week two at the top of the table but were unable to maintain the momentum, losing 10-4 to the ever strong Baker Tilly team.

The scores on the doors after two weeks are:


  • DMS – 20
  • Sotheby’s – 18
  • Baker Tilly – 18
  • KPMG Kobras – 15
  • Phoenix – 14
  • UBS – 13
  • Digicel – 11
  • KPMG Kman – 11

Baker Tilly Corporate Shootout – This weeks results are in!

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

We are now at the halfway point of the Baker Tilly Corporate Shootout and Digicel have really hit their stride, extending their lead at the top of the table by 5 points after claiming the maximum 8 points on the night!

Sitting in second place are The Directors, made up of the South Sound Squash Club’s board of directors. The Directors pulled off two good wins taking down The Lions and then claiming the victory by 1 point against the strong KPMG team.

The Director’s A player, Dan MacLean, took the prize for rally of the night showing off some top level retrieving skills in the sudden death, 1 point game that would decide the winner of the match. Alistair Cowper of The Lions took charge of the rally moving MacLean front to back, corner to corner, but MacLean refused to stop running, ending in a stylish flat out dive to prevent what everyone thought was a clear winner from Cowper and ultimately winning the point.

This wasn’t the only dramatic sudden death finish.  Another Directors vs Lions match saw Sheena Conolly of The Directors expertly using the frame of her racket to spin the ball into the front corner to beat Leon den Exter 3-1 in the final game.

At the end of the night there was only one change to the positions after the first week with Riffraff just edging ahead of the league sponsors Baker Tilly by 1 point putting them in fourth position.

The scores at the end of week 2 are:

1. Digicel – 27

2. The Directors – 22

3. KPMG – 20

4. Riffraff – 19

5. Baker Tilly – 18

6. The Lions – 15

7. UBS – 10

8. Phoenix – 8


Baker Tilly Corporate Shootout gets underway!

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The Baker Tilly Corporate Shootout Squash league got under way last night with strong performances across the board! The format of this 4 week league sees teams playing two shorter matches per evening, best of 3 games, as opposed to the usual best of 5. If a match does end up coming down to the third game it is decided by 1 point sudden death or first to 3 points. This format leads to fast, high tempo matches with some dramatic finishes!

Digicel made a strong return after missing the last league acquiring 11 of the maximum 12 points to put them at the top of the table. Julian Jervis, Cayman’s top junior, lead the Digicel charge claiming fairly comfortable victories in both matches.

Both KPMG and The Directors had a good start to their campaign finishing the night with 10 points a piece, KPMG just squeaking ahead of The Directors on overall points scored in matches to place second in the table. KPMG Captain, Samantha Hennings, had a notable win against Neil Stone-Wigg with the match coming down to the third and final game. Stone-Wigg chose to play 3 points over the 1 point sudden death to decide the match but this seemed to suit Hennings who was able to keep her cool finishing the match off 3-2.

League Sponsors Baker Tilly found themselves placed comfortably in the middle of the table at 4th position after the first round of matches. Both Martin Szaroccki and Josh Gosling were unbeaten on the night claiming 8 points between them.

Just one point behind Baker Tilly is Riffraff consisting of the dangerous mother daughter duo Claire Roscoe and Mischa Kluyver. Kluyver was on fine form claiming 2 wins and 4 points for the team.

The Lions and UBS both ended up with 7 points, with The Lions just finishing on top due to more match points on the night. UBS are a veteran team in the Corporate League and are known for making a late charge as the league progresses.

Sitting in 8th position but certainly not out of the picture are newcomers Phoenix Group. Having a secured a respectable 6 points on the night, only 5 points separate them from the top spot showing how tight this league could end up being! Phoenix certainly has the firepower on their side to rise from the ashes and is a team to be watched.

Scores on the doors after the first week:
1. Digicel – 11

2. KPMG – 10

3. The Directors – 10

4. Baker Tilly – 9

5. Riffraff – 8

6. The Lions – 7

7. UBS – 7

8. Phoenix – 6


Randall & Quilter Bermuda Legends of Squash 2015


Peter Nicol, Mark Chaloner, Lee Beachill, Jonathan Power, Thierry Lincou, David Palmer, John White


The Randall & Quilter Legends of squash 2015 has just taken place at the 4 court facility run by Bermuda Squash Association. The event was a sell out with 4 nights of squash and the ‘legends’ taking on the responsibility of coaching session with local juniors and also some individual lessons for sponsors and patrons alike. The match set up was best of 3 games and there were 4 matches per evening. After 3 evenings of tremendous squash there were 2 guys who qualified to play each other in the Grand Final…Thierry Lincou and David Palmer. They took to the court on Saturday night and battled it out to 2 games all…the fifth game is a 1 point winner takes all affair! This year it was Thierry’s turn to end the match with a crushing cross court nick, much to the delight of his family and the crowd who were loving the tension in the match.




DMS clinch the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league Spring 2015

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The Baker Tilly corporate squash league has come to a dramatic end with the top 2 finishers going head to head to see who would claim the title. In the semi finals league leaders AON red tornadoes managed to sneak past KPMG Kobras by just 1 point to take their place in the grand final, largely due to the performance of their young B player Jasun Sairsingh who took 2 games off of the experienced Patrick McConvey which was just enough to tip the balance for Aon to go through. In the other semi final DMS made short work of team undecided claiming a whitewash victory in all matches which showed their intension of wanting to reclaim this title.
So the final stage was set for AON red tornadoes against DMS, it was DMS who came out of the blocks flying with their B string Jorge Vera first one court against young Jasun Sairsingh of AON. The seasoned player, vera, immediately took control of the match and managed to work Sairsingh around the court and squeeze some errors from him, taking the first game 11/7, the 2nd game was a little closer with both players tied up at 9all before the possibility of winning the game crept into the youngsters mind and distracted him just enough to choose the wrong shot to play and open the court up for vera to attack and win the next 2 points. Vera was now on a roll and kept the momentum going to take the 3rd and close out the match 11/5. Next up were the C players, AON’s Robert Tate against Robert O’Callaghan. Whilst both players are similar in stature it was O’Callaghan who seems to be in better shape, this was evident after the first 2 games which were split 1-1. The first was taken by Tate 11/9 and the 2nd O’Callaghan in a tiebreak 12/10, Tate decided he needed to have a lie down to try and recover for the next game. This gave O’Callaghan some confidence, even though he was hurting from the match himself he used this to his advantage and kept the pressure on tate eventually wearing him down 11/8 in the 3rd and taking the 4th easier 11/4. DMS are now sitting pretty with 6 points in the bag needing 9 to secure the win.
The A players AON’s Steve Smith came up against DMS’s captain Neil Stone-wigg. Stone-Wiggs unorthodox shot selection gave him the upper hand in game 1 where he was able to twist and turn Smith more than Smith had wished for and it showed in the 11/8 score, this however spurred on Smith and he changed his tactics, keeping the ball much closer to the walls and didn’t allow Stone-wigg to play as many awkward angles, resulting in Smith taking the next 2 games both 11/7. The 4th game was a last chance effort for Stone-wigg to stay in game and he came out all guns blazing and it appears that he caught Smith off guard cruising to a larger lead and taking the game 11/1. The fifth game was huge as it would determine the league outcome if Stone-wigg could clinch it, but Smith was having none of it and set his stall out early with a 3 point lead, it was then point for point and Stone-wigg just couldn’t close the gap which meant Smith took the 5th game 11/8. So it was down the the D string to seal the deal, needing only 1 game to do so. Jeff Jones for DMS was up against Ade Doherty of AON, Doherty took the first game 11/6 and started well in the 2nd. Jones started to find his groove and even the score at 5all, this proved to be a turning point in Jones level of confidence and he started playing Doherty into the back corner much more forcing weaker returns which he was able to capitalize on, that being said points were traded up to tie-break at 10-10, the teams were on the edge of their seats cheering anything they could to try and give their guy the encouragement they needed, after another 3 tense rallies it was Jones who had the game ball which he converted with a tremendous shot into the front right corner 13/11 with put the immediate match at 1 game all but clinched the title for DMS. This didn’t seem to change the intensity of this match and Doherty bounced back to take the 3rd game 11/9 only to then lose the next 2 game 11/8, 11/6. DMS won the doubles game too which game them a winning score of 12 points to 6 over AON red Tornadoes to take the Baker Tilly corporate squash league tltle.
The 3rd and 4th play off matches between Undecided and KPMG Kobras were very tight and came down to the doubles match to decide the victors, KPMG Kobras took it to finish in 3rd place by 1 point over Undecided.
The 5th and 6th playoff was quite a decisive one with a victory for Baker Tilly over KPMG Kman winning 4 matches to 1.
The 7th and 8th place battle between RBC Lions and UBS showed UBS had the edge on the night just closing out RBC Lions 3 matches to 2.

 DMS claiming title spring 2015


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