The Corporate Squash League is almost here again….

Security CentreRemember the Security Centre Corporate Squash League….well its almost back!

DMS claimed the title of the last league…who’s going to stop them repeating this????? Please sign up a team (email: and lets get it going..

  • 4 Players – A, B, C & D
  • 4 x Singles matchs
  • 1 x Doubles Match
  • Corporate Team or Mixed Team
  • Thursday Evenings from 6:30pm
  • Starting October 2nd for approx 10 weeks
  • Good food, good banter every night


30 Year piece of Cake!

SSSC 30 year cakeThe 30th year of South Sound squash Club.

SSSC hosted a great evening of celebration, which was very well attended a few weeks ago. If you were fortunate enough to be there you know what the cake tasted like, if you didn’t get to taste the cake on this occasion, you may get another chance! Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of 30th Year activities…….


The Alphasoft Junior National Squash Championships 2014.

Alphasoft logoThe Alphasoft Junior National Squash Championships 2014.

The twins Sean & Daniel Murphy had a tough battle to see who’s on top in the U19 category. The first 2 games were fiercely contested with both brother claiming one a piece, the 3rd game saw Daniel steal a few extra points at the start of the game and he managed to hold onto them to close out the game and go 2-1 up. The 4th game was neck and neck right up to 7-7, then Sean came up with some fantastic shot selections to take him to game ball 10-7. Daniel obviously didn’t want to go into a 5th game and really dug deep adding more and more pressure onto Sean forcing some errors, resulting in Daniel saving 4 game balls against him and coming out victorious 12-10 in the 4th.
The U17 category was very much dominated by Julian Jervis who dropped very few points throughout the whole event. Julian will be representing Cayman this summer in the Junior Caribbean Championships and aiming to claim the U17 title to add to his U15 title 2 years ago.
Isaiah Robinson has improved tremendously over the past year and claimed his first national title in the U15 category. The U13 title was claimed by Will Roberts, but he was pushed hard along the way by David Pitcairn in the Qtr final which Will came through in a very tense  3-2 thriller, the semi final Will overcame Marcos Bertran 3-0 and the final match up was against Charlie Riker, who has been playing for less than a year. The U13 category was the strongest depth of field in this years Alphasoft National Championships, which bode well for the future of Cayman Squash. The U11 age group saw Pierce Terry claim his second national title, he outplayed Kai Dobbin to win 3-0. the U09 was a fantastic battle between jagger Linford against Connor Finch, both of these guys are 8year old and were trying so hard, the 1st game went to jagger, the 2nd went Connors way. They were scrambling around the court and showing some of the older kids just how much effort you need to put in to try and get the ball back! Jagger claimed the 3rd and went 2-1 up, but connor was having none of it and came back strong to take the 4th. Down to the 5th and final game with the crowd and especially the parents on the edge of their seats. From the start it was point for point and there were some sublime shots and returns all over the court, at 9-9 it was Jagger who was able to keep his game together and claim the next 2 points and the title 3-2.
The girls U17 was a great match up between Alexandra Artuch and Mischa Kluyver, Alexandra showed her experience on the day and managed to edge out Mischa for the last few points of each closely fought games winning 3-0. The U15 provided some good entertainment between good friends Emma Turnbull and Kali Maclean, the first 2 games were evenly split, but the 3rd and 4th showed how much a determined Turnbull wanted to reclaim her title from last year and she overcame Maclean 3-1. The Girls U13 held a surprise package in the form of Jade Pitcairn who dominated the field in her first tournament and dropped only 1 game throughout. Her final opponent was vanessa Fullerton who put up a good fight, but couldn’t deal with Pitcairn’s accuracy.

Alphasoft logo

SSSC 30th Anniversary Celebration

SSSC 30 celebration advertCome on down to SSSC this Saturday 26th April to join in the festivities of celebrating the club’s 30th year. There will be free bubbles and nibbles for all to enjoy and if you feel up to it, bring your kit and have a hit. There will also be an exhibition match for you to enjoy….hope to see you there and feel free to bring friends.

The Security Centre Squash league Final

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Security Centre Squash league ended with DMS in control to claim their second title.

Going into the final evening of squash with the title up for grabs between AON, DMS and Walkers it was DMS who had the toughest opponents on the night. They had to do battle against the league sponsors TSCL Sheriffs in what proved to be quite a showdown. Dms’s Jeff Jones started off the night with a quality performance against Shaun Devine setting the stage with a 3-1 win. Next up was Craig Scott against Stuart Bostock os TSCL Sheriffs, these guys make the court look small and were dancing around each other for a gut wrenching 5 games. Bostock took the 1st game 11/6 with some precision shots, but lost some accuracy in the 2nd and Scott kept it together to edge out the game 12/10. Bostock found his aim again and took the 3rd 11/7 and the 4th game was incredible with the tie break going to 19/17 in Scotts favor. The 5th game was tight, but Bostock kept his nose ahead and claimed the match for TSCL Sheriffs 11/8. DMS’s B string Jorge Vera was up against Mike Cansell who put up a sterling performance and pushed Vera to a tie break in the 2nd game, but ended up losing in 3 games. The top string was Neil Stone-wigg of DMS and Frank Brennan for the Sheriffs. Brennan was slow out of the blocks and Stone-wigg took full advantage of that taking the first 2 games in quick succession, 11/4 & 11/6. Brennan isn’t one to lie back and take it easy, as he showed by fighting his way into the match and taking the 3rd game 11/9, the 4th game went to a tie break with Brennan also sneaking that 12/10. Into the 5th and what a decider this was, both players were throwing themselves around the court to retrieve the ball and hang on in each rally, it was point for point and right up to 9-9, but Stone-wigg prevailed with 2 great shots which forced a weak return from Brennan followed by a mistake, to take the game 11/9. The doubles match was dominated by this seasons unbeaten pairing of Brennan and Cansell of the TSCL Sheriffs. DMS claimed 11 points from a maximum of 13 from this encounter leaving Aon needing 12 to tie and 13 to over take them for the title. Aon managed to win 4 out of the 5 matches to set them up for maximum points, but it was the C string encounter between Janet Sairsingh and Alex Johnson which didn’t go in Aon’s favor. Johnson proved to be a strong C player and worked Sairsingh too much on the night claiming his win 3-1 and preventing Aon from catching DMS.
We managed to raise $200 on the night for the Charity of choice for DMS which is
The Security Center Squash League Final Results:
1 DMS 86
2 AON 85
3 Walkers 79
4 TSCL Sheriffs 76
5 Digicel Diehards 73
7 SSSC All Stars 66
8 UBS 53
9 KPMG Racketeers 47
10 KPMG Kobras 42

The Security Centre Squash League Round 8

Security CentreRound 8 of the Security Centre Squash League tightened things up at the top giving the top 2 teams greater chance of claiming the title on the final evening. Aon pulled off a solid performance sneaking a 3-2 win over TSCL Sheriffs, whilst DMS narrowly beat UBS, but dropped a number of games and failed to claim many points from the win. Digicel claimed a victory over KPMG Racketeers and SIR AXISS gained most points on the night.
AON’s a & B players Marlene West and Myron Blair claimed important victories in their match up against TSCL Sheriffs Frank Brennan and Mike Cansell respectively. It was the West v Brennan clash that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Brennan Started out with his usual unorthodox style managing to catch west slightly cold and sneaking the first 14/12. The ends game went Westward 11/7. 1-1 and Brennan turned up the heat, throwing in a little more pace and some crazy angles to wrong foot west and end the game 11/7 in his favor. West came back in a tight 4th and clung on to the tie break nerves and forced an error out of brennan to take it to a 5th game. It was nip and tuc all the way with the rallies lasting for 20+ shots and generally ending with one player leaning against the wall and shaking their head! West proved very slightly fitter an eeked out the win 11-9. Blair came up against the unabated Cansell, but the force was with him tonight when he overturned Cansell 3-1. Aon’s D string Alexandra Artuch showed good improvement as she he’d off the tenacious Shaun Devine for a 3-1 win and finally Stuart Bostock claimed a much needed win for the Sheriffs over Ade Doherty 3-0.

1 DMS 75

2 AON 74

3 Walkers 71
4 TSCL Sheriffs 69
6 Digicel Diehards 63
7 SSSC All Stars 56
8 UBS 50
9 KPMG Racketeers 43
10 KPMG Kobras 37


The Security Centre Squash league Round 7

Security CentreThe Security centre Squash League is really heating up with the completion of round 7 and only 2 more fixtures left on the schedule. DMS are still in fine form and have crept away from AON who hold onto 2nd spot. Walkers have trodden on the Sheriffs and stolen the 3rd spot, whist Digicel and SIR AXISS are dueling for 5th position.

Sothebys International Realty (SIR) AXISS International Management(AXISS) gained the most point on the night adding 12 to their tally when they proved too strong for KPMG Racketeers. Jake Kelly, Dwight Dube and Luca Polloni recorded 3-0 victories for SIR AXISS in the A, B & D positions. KPMG’s Alex Johnson managed to save 3 points by beating Seb Poznansky in the closest match of the tie.


Walkers took on UBS and came away smiling with victories from Patrick McConvey, Nikil Jha and Andrew Barker all 3-0 in B, C & D positions, whilst  Ashley Gunning at A didn’t have such a stroll in the park. UBS’s Cory Scruggs managed to put too much work into Gunning during the first 2 gems which lasted 40mins and were 11/9, 12/14 and 1-1, this is when the younger Scruggs kept the pressure on and wore Gunning down, winning the 3rd and 4th games 11/5, 11/8 to claim his win.


It was a top of the table clash against AON and DMS, Aon’s Daniel Murphy had a great match against the wily and experienced Neil Stonewigg at t A position. it was Stonewigg who drew first blood taking the first game 11/6, and the 2nd 11/9. Murphy showed his determination and growing confidence when he stepped up the court to intercept the ball earlier and apply press onto Stonewigg forcing more errors, he was rewarded with the next 2 games 11/6, 11/8. The fifth game showed Murphy has gained more maturity on court when he managed to hold his nerve and keep the more experienced campaigner at bay to claim the match 3-2. AON’s Janet Sairsingh had a tough match against Jorge Vera, who is unbeaten at B this season. Sairsingh put up a valiant performance but went down fighting 3-0. DMS”S Craig Scott at C string demonstrated that he has been learning some moves this season when he came up against Ade Doherty. Scott won the first game and lost the second, but realized that he could make Doherty run from corner to corner whilst dominating the T area in the centre of the court. This tactic worked and he held onto the lead into the tie break to claim the 3rd game 13/11. The 4th was much the same after Scott gained a lead he pressured Doherty into errors which ultimately helped him win his tie 3-1. AON’s Alexandra Artuch showed her calmness at the crucial stages of games when she found herself 2-1 up and having match ball for the 4th time, holding her nerve she managed to stick to her guns and work hard for that last point, which gave her a great victory over Jeff Jones 3-1. DMS managed to win the doubles tie and claim a 3-2 match win over AON.



The Security Centre Standings After Round 7



1 DMS 68


2 AON 65


3 Walkers 62


4 TSCL Sheriffs 61


5 Digicel Diehards 53




7 SSSC All Stars 49


8 UBS 44


9 KPMG Racketeers 40


10 KPMG Kobras 31




The Security Centre Squash League Round 6

Security CentreRound 6 of the Security Centre Squash League demonstrated that The Sheriffs are regaining some control, Walkers have made a stride forwards and Aon have insured a level footing in top spot!
TSCL Sheriffs were out in force and demonstrated their intention with a 5 match to 0 win over SIR AXISS. The Sheriffs Shaun Devine took control of Charlie Riker(11years old) and gained a 2-0 lead, only for Charlie to claim the 3rd game and pressure Devine into a 4th. Devine managed to stay ahead of Riker whilst battling a worried look throughout the final game taking it 11-7. Stuart Bostock The sheriffs c player had a steady start to his match and found himself 1-0 down against Rozlyn Glanfield, this didn’t last as Bostock found his footing and changed the momentum slightly which worked in his favor and allowed him to sneak the next 2 games 11/9 a piece. The 4th was more decisive as Bostock claimed victory 11/3. Mike Cansell, Sheriffs B player proved too strong for the determined Dwight Dube in a 3-0 well controlled match. The A match up was between the unorthodox Frank Brennan and the hard hitting Stephen Gilbert of SIR AXISS team. It was the pace of Gilbert which sent a message to Brennan in the form of a 11/2 demolishing for the first game, this seemed to stir Brennan up and he started to work Gilbert around the court much more effectively in the ends game and scraped the win 12/10. Brennan kept the foot on the gas for the following 2 games and put too much work into the legs of Gilbert taking them 11/5, 11/4.
Walkers gained a healthy 10 points from the match up against KPMG Kobras, it was Kobras captain Samantha Hennings who saved face with a solid performance over Alison Linley, winning in 4 games.
AON had 2 juniors making up their C & D players, It was Jasun Sairsingh who was too speedy and energetic for UBS’s Corbus Pietersen in their 3-0 encounter, but Alexandra Artuch wasn’t so fortunate against UBS’s Paul Smith who eeked out a 3-1 win. Cayman Team mates Marlene West and Myron Blair made up AON’s A & B respectively and both won their ties, although West was pushed to a fifth game against the lefty Cory Scruggs, which she claimed 11/7 to give AON a very tidy 11 points on the night.

The Security Centre  Squash League Standing after Round 6.

1= DMS 58
1= AON 58
3 TSCL Sheriffs 55
4 Walkers 51
5 Digicel Diehards 44
6= UBS 41
8 SSSC All Stars 38
9 KPMG Racketeers 37
10 KPMG Kobras 27

The Security Centre Squash League Round 5

Security CentreRound 5 of The Security Centre Squash League showed some positive moves from both Walkers and UBS. UBS started with a cracker of a match between Riyaz Nooruddin against KPMG Kobras Paul Smith at D string. Riyaz found himself 2-0 up with both games going his way in the tie break 12/10, the fortune didn’t carry on in his favor for the next 2 though and he narrowly lost the 3rd game 9/11 and 4th 4/11. He began the 5th with renewed vigor and pulled out the win 11/6 in the 5th. UBS’s team captain Corbus Pietersen was next up and seemed to rise to the occasion dispatching the Kobras Johann Fourie 3-1. The b string was a very decisive match with KPMG’s Tony Riker cleaning up Vimbai Gurure 3-0. The A string left KPMG’s Captain Samantha Hennings with a lot to do to keep her team in the running. Hennings was up against the speedy Cory Scruggs and started remarkably well taking the first 2 games 11/7, 11/8. It was Cory who picked up the pace now and Samantha struggled to keep up for the whole time, which lead to Cory taking the 3rd and 4th games and entering into a 5th and final game. Samantha gave it all she had, but the extra level of speed and fitness of Cory was enough to hold her at bay, the victory went to UBS.

Walkers managed to gain 9 points from a total of 13 even though KPMG Racketeers won the tie! Walkers Claire Kluyver grabbed a game from Eric Fell and Patrick McConvey took out Jarydd Moore 3-0. The c string was a much closer affair between Walkers Steven Rabey and Wilky Miller of KPMG. Rabey took the first 2 games and set himself up for the 3rd, but it was Miller time and at 9-9 he pulled off 2 incredible shots to take the game and keep himself in the running. This shifted the momentum in his favor and he ran with it eventually tiring Rabey out and taking the 4th and 5th games for KPMG Racketeers. Walkers Andrew Barker proved too strong for Tina Dobbin at D which gave Walkers a further 3 points.

DMS increased their lead in the table as they dispatched SIR AXISS. Aon narrowly beat Digicel Diehards but gained few points, leaving Aon 5 points adrift.

The Security Centre Squash League Standing After Round 5
1 DMS 52
2 AON 47
3 TSCL Sheriffs 42
4 Walkers 41
6 UBS 36
7 Digicel Diehards 34
8 KPMG Racketeers 32
9 SSSC All Stars 29
10 KPMG Kobras 23

Security Centre

The Security Centre Squash League Round 4

Joe Rossi, Neil Stone-Wigg, Jorge Vera & Jeff Jones

The Security Centre Squash League round 4 provided some entertaining matches with 4 out of the 5 match ups going the distance and ending up 3 matches to 2. DMS however, have managed to punish SSSC All Stars to gain the most points on the night and reclaim the top spot from AON.
DMS’s A & B players, Neil Stone-wigg & Jorge Vera were too strong for the youth and inexperience of the All Stars Sean Murphy and Christian Dube as they dispatched them 3-0. Craig Scott represented DMS against Tsin zan Graham and had quite a fight on his hands. They traded game for game up to 2-2, then it was point for point and at 9-9 Craig hit a great drop shot which Tsin zan charged towards not seeing Craig in the way and literally bounced off the bigger man onto the floor. This shook the youngster up, and Craig took full advantage to secure the next 2 points and victory. After the match Tsin Zan was asked how he felt and he replied ‘it was like hitting a brick wall!’ Jeff Jones secured the d string win over Charlie Riker 3/1 in a very even match.
TSCL Sheriffs snook a 3-2 victory over Walkers with a decisive doubles victory in the final match. KPMG Racketeers were up against KPMG Kobras, Gautam Ganeshan of the Kobras took the first bite out Zac Sharp of the Racketeers 3-0. Alex Johnson leveled the score for the Racketeers 3-1 against Seb Poznanski. Then it was down to Tony Riker who showed what a Kobra can do against Jarydd Moore with a very precise attack closing the match out 3-0. The A String was well defended by Eric Fell the Racketeer against a very determined Samantha Hennings, Eric managed to overcome the persistence of Samantha 3-1. The doubles game was to be the decider, Eric and Jarydd against the Kobras Samantha and Tony, this was quite a battle but the swift striking blows of the Kobras slowed the racketeers sufficiently for victory 3 matches to 2.
Digicel Diehards managed to jump 2 places from 8th to 6th with a 3/2 victory over UBS.

Standings after Round 4
1 DMS 41
2 AON 40
3 TSCL Sheriffs 35
5 Walkers 32
6 Digicel Diehards 28
7 UBS 27
8 KPMG Racketeers 25
9 SSSC All Stars 23
10 KPMG Kobras 14


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