Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League, round 5

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The Baker Tilly corporate squash league round 5 was a very lively evening at SSSC. S & M Mixed Breed showed DMS who’s boss by dominating them with an 11-4 game win, ultimately pushing them from pole position down to 6th and stabilizing their 2nd placing. Dave McGrath made his first appearance in his team at D string and the first game for 5 years, despite this he still ‘has it’ and controlled Jeff Jones of DMS claiming a 3-0 victory. Marlene West on the other hand had just come from claiming the Women’s A SSSC Championships title the prior evening, but couldn’t hold off the wily old Neil Stone-wigg(SSSC Championships 50+ winner) who snatched a 3/2 win from the younger West! Sea Elements took full advantage of their tie against Harmonic Hitters and came away with the maximum score of 13 points which boosted them to the top of the leader board for the first time. KPMG Kobras raised their game against Baker Tilly taking the match 12 points to 4 and elevating them into 4th spot. Digicel Diehards and The Directors had a much closer affair with Digicel winning the matches 3 to 2. Their number 1 player Julian Jervis was flying high after claiming the SSSC Championships Men’s A title less than 24hr before, so to even things up he was awarded a scoring handicap of negative 7 points per game against The Directors Chris Bailey. Jervis won the first game 13/11 and lost the second 9/11, but managed to keep up the pressure on the less mobile Bailey to win the 3rd and 4th both 13/11. The top 5 positions are now separated by just 1 point each, going into round 6 from 9. The tension is certainly building and everyone is looking forward to doing battle to see who is going to come out on top.

1 Sea Elements 46
2 S & M Mixed Breed 45
3 UBS 44
4 KPMG Kobras 43
5 Digicel Diehards 42
6 DMS 39
7 The Directors 36
8 Baker Tilly 33
9 KPMG Racketeers 27
10 Harmonic Hitters 20