Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Round 8

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Round 8 of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league provided some strong competition with a late surge from Sea Elements who drowned out their opponents UBS without dropping a single game, claiming the maximum points on offer and bumping them up to 3rd spot. S & M mixed breed consolidated their 2nd position with a win over Digicel Diehards and KPMG Kobras have kept up their fine form on the top of the pile taking out Harmonic Hitters  and stretching their lead to 9 points with only one match remaining in the league and its a match up between the top 2 teams, KPMG Kobras against S & M Mixed Breed.
Erik Fell of KPMG Kobras stumbled, but regained his footing to overcome Sean Murphy of Harmonic Hitters in a close 3-1 in the A position, this was followed by Samantha Hennings(Kobras captain) getting the better of Gavin McMaster in a 3-0 win. Cayman Junior and C player for KPMG, Emma Turnbull performed very well against Harmonics captain Clare Lazenby taking the match 3-0. The D match up was the tightest contest of the night, Tony Attenborough of Harmonic got a great start to take the first 2 games from Guatam Ganesh, the 3rd game went to a tie break and Guatam manage to edge out Tony 12-10. The momentum was certainly in Guatam’s favor and he held onto a 3 point lead throughout the game closing it out 11-8. The 5th game started much the same as the 4th with Guatam winning 3 early rallies and giving him the upper hand, Tony rallied well but couldn’t seem to close the gap and eventually the result went to Guatam 11-8 and 3 games to 2.

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Table

1 KPMG Kobras 81
2 S & M Mixed Breed 72
3 Sea Elements 71
4 DMS 67
5 UBS 62
6 Digicel Diehards 55
= Baker Tilly 55
8 The Directors 49
9 KPMG Racketeers 41
10 Harmonic Hitters 38