KPMG Kobras win the Baker Tilley corporate squash league

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

KPMG trophyThe final evening of the Baker Tilly Corporate squash league got underway with the top 2 teams going head to head to determine who claims this seasons top honors! KPMG had an 9 point advantage going into then tie against S & M Mixed Breed. S & M’s young Kali Maclean cleaned up KPMG’s Gautam Ganeshan 3/0 in the D position, then Deliah Canham kept the domination going with a 3-1 victory over Jarydd Moore. This put serious pressure on KPMG’s captain Samantha Hennings playing B against Cayman junior Jasun Sairsingh. She handled it well and managed to squeeze an early lead for the first game 11/7, the second was a little closer right up to 7 all, when Hennings edged away again and secured a 2-0 lead 11/8. The third game proved too much for Sairsingh and he tried his heart out, but couldn’t change the tide and Hennings took the 3rd also 11/8. This left Erik Fell of KPMG to seal the deal against another Cayman junior Isaiah Robinson, the first game went to fell 11/6, the second saw some great attritional rallies and again fell kept on top and squeezed it 11/6. Robinson’s confidence was waining and he was unable to turn his game around eventually going down 11/3 in the 3rd. This win gave KPMG the title, and Samantha Hennings was ecstatic, she said “KPMG have supported and taken part in the Baker Tilly corporate squash league for a few years now and I am delighted that we were able to finally get our name on the Golden Trophy!”
There were some other very notable wins on the night, with Sea Elements coming up against Digicel Diehards and gaining enough points to leapfrog S & M Mixed Breed and claim the 2nd spot. This was achieved by wins from more Cayman Juniors, Marc Nelson and Charlie Riker at D and C positions and both taking ruthless 3-0 victories against Nick Manning and Mark Mimnagh. It was Digicel’s B player, Jody Jervis who claimed some glory with a 3-1 win over Tony Riker with some fantastic ball striking and shot making. Then came the match up of the night, digicels Julian Jervis against Alex Frazer of Sea elements, These guys have just returned from representing Cayman at the recent CAC games and were doubles partners. On paper Jervis got the nod through his previous victories over Alex in the lead up to the CAC Games and he also represented Cayman at #2 and Alex at #3 in the team event, however Frazer had a difference of opinion on the night. The match began with Frazer taking an early lead going 8-4 up in the first only for the lead to be clawed back by Jervis who claimed first blood 11/9, the second game began the same way as the first, but this time Frazer didn’t make the same errors and held onto ta lead closing the game out 11/6. Things were getting much more tense at this point and both players were so fired up, the fist pumping began early in this game after some tremendous rallies where both players had covered the court from corner to corner eventually squeezing an error from each other. They eventually found themselves at 9-9, this time Jervis pulled off 2 fantastic shots to win the game 11/9. The 4th was tight, literally point for point, then at 6all frazer seemed to be putting more work into the younger Jervis and managed to out maneuver him sufficiently to gain 2 well earned points, this kept his nose ahead and after trading the next few rallies he claimed the 4th game 11/8 to level things up for a 5th and final game. The crowd were on the edge of their seats and getting very vocal now, which seemed to help Frazer as it gave him real encouragement, the level of squash was superb and the court coverage was better than in the first few games, it really started to come down to consistency and choice of shot, this is where, perhaps to his surprise, Frazer was slightly more effective especially at the sharp end of the game. Once again they were sat at 9-9 in the fifth game and neither wanted to be on the wrong end of this result, Frazer managed to keep his cool and deliver some well timed shots and deft touches to expose Jervis and force him deep into the 4 corners of the court, this proved too much in the end and the final 2 points went to Alex Frazer giving him the win 11/9.
It was a fantastic finish to the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league and everyone is very happy to be involved. All teams are looking forward to getting back at it in the new year. The New Baker Tilly corporate squash league will begin in feb 2015.
Final positions:

1 KPMG Kobras 88
2 Sea Elements 81
3 DMS 80
4 S & M Mixed Breed 78
5 UBS 64
6 Digicel Diehards 61
7 Baker Tilly 58
= The Directors 58
9 KPMG Racketeers 55
10 Harmonic Hitters 38