Baker Tilly Corporate League after Round 6

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

We are now well into the Baker Tilly Corporate League but there’s no sign of the Squash slowing down! Baker Tilly, the league sponsor, faced off against the RBC Lions, who were hungry for points! RBC came out guns blazing and managed to score the maximum 13 points, their best performance this season. A special mention has to be given to Alistair Cowper, the RBC Captain, who pulled of a gutsy 3-2 win against Dwight Dube, with both players fighting right until the end.

Undecided came up against KPMG Kobras losing 5 points to 9 with a strong performance from super sub Daniel Murphy beating Claire Roscoe 3-1. Despite the loss Undecided are still sitting in 3rd place just 9 points separating them from the number 1 spot.

DMS, lead by their A player Neil Stone-Wigg, had another storming victory claiming the full 13 points for the second week in a row. This leaves them in 2 points behind the top team with only 1 week of league matches to go.

Finally, UBS played the top team AON Red Tornadoes. Despite strong performances from UBS, AON just had too much firepower and were the third team of the night to claim the max 13 points keeping them in top position.

The points tally after Week 6 is:
1 AON Red Tornadoes 64

2 DMS 61

3 Undecided 55

4 KPMG Kobras 45

5 KPMG Kman 44

6 UBS 40

7 RBC Lions 30

8 Baker Tilly 24