DMS clinch the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league Spring 2015

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The Baker Tilly corporate squash league has come to a dramatic end with the top 2 finishers going head to head to see who would claim the title. In the semi finals league leaders AON red tornadoes managed to sneak past KPMG Kobras by just 1 point to take their place in the grand final, largely due to the performance of their young B player Jasun Sairsingh who took 2 games off of the experienced Patrick McConvey which was just enough to tip the balance for Aon to go through. In the other semi final DMS made short work of team undecided claiming a whitewash victory in all matches which showed their intension of wanting to reclaim this title.
So the final stage was set for AON red tornadoes against DMS, it was DMS who came out of the blocks flying with their B string Jorge Vera first one court against young Jasun Sairsingh of AON. The seasoned player, vera, immediately took control of the match and managed to work Sairsingh around the court and squeeze some errors from him, taking the first game 11/7, the 2nd game was a little closer with both players tied up at 9all before the possibility of winning the game crept into the youngsters mind and distracted him just enough to choose the wrong shot to play and open the court up for vera to attack and win the next 2 points. Vera was now on a roll and kept the momentum going to take the 3rd and close out the match 11/5. Next up were the C players, AON’s Robert Tate against Robert O’Callaghan. Whilst both players are similar in stature it was O’Callaghan who seems to be in better shape, this was evident after the first 2 games which were split 1-1. The first was taken by Tate 11/9 and the 2nd O’Callaghan in a tiebreak 12/10, Tate decided he needed to have a lie down to try and recover for the next game. This gave O’Callaghan some confidence, even though he was hurting from the match himself he used this to his advantage and kept the pressure on tate eventually wearing him down 11/8 in the 3rd and taking the 4th easier 11/4. DMS are now sitting pretty with 6 points in the bag needing 9 to secure the win.
The A players AON’s Steve Smith came up against DMS’s captain Neil Stone-wigg. Stone-Wiggs unorthodox shot selection gave him the upper hand in game 1 where he was able to twist and turn Smith more than Smith had wished for and it showed in the 11/8 score, this however spurred on Smith and he changed his tactics, keeping the ball much closer to the walls and didn’t allow Stone-wigg to play as many awkward angles, resulting in Smith taking the next 2 games both 11/7. The 4th game was a last chance effort for Stone-wigg to stay in game and he came out all guns blazing and it appears that he caught Smith off guard cruising to a larger lead and taking the game 11/1. The fifth game was huge as it would determine the league outcome if Stone-wigg could clinch it, but Smith was having none of it and set his stall out early with a 3 point lead, it was then point for point and Stone-wigg just couldn’t close the gap which meant Smith took the 5th game 11/8. So it was down the the D string to seal the deal, needing only 1 game to do so. Jeff Jones for DMS was up against Ade Doherty of AON, Doherty took the first game 11/6 and started well in the 2nd. Jones started to find his groove and even the score at 5all, this proved to be a turning point in Jones level of confidence and he started playing Doherty into the back corner much more forcing weaker returns which he was able to capitalize on, that being said points were traded up to tie-break at 10-10, the teams were on the edge of their seats cheering anything they could to try and give their guy the encouragement they needed, after another 3 tense rallies it was Jones who had the game ball which he converted with a tremendous shot into the front right corner 13/11 with put the immediate match at 1 game all but clinched the title for DMS. This didn’t seem to change the intensity of this match and Doherty bounced back to take the 3rd game 11/9 only to then lose the next 2 game 11/8, 11/6. DMS won the doubles game too which game them a winning score of 12 points to 6 over AON red Tornadoes to take the Baker Tilly corporate squash league tltle.
The 3rd and 4th play off matches between Undecided and KPMG Kobras were very tight and came down to the doubles match to decide the victors, KPMG Kobras took it to finish in 3rd place by 1 point over Undecided.
The 5th and 6th playoff was quite a decisive one with a victory for Baker Tilly over KPMG Kman winning 4 matches to 1.
The 7th and 8th place battle between RBC Lions and UBS showed UBS had the edge on the night just closing out RBC Lions 3 matches to 2.

 DMS claiming title spring 2015