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SSSC Policies & Procedures

SSSC Policies & Procedures

* The squash courts are for squash only.

* Squash courts are for the use of members and guests only.

* Any member who has failed to pay any charges for a period exceeding 60 days, shall be liable to have their account suspended and potentially be removed as a member of the club.

* Members are permitted to bring up to two guests per calendar month.

* Members are only permitted to book two courts at one time during prime-time hours (5:45 – 8:30 pm Monday – Thursday).

* Proper athletic attire and footwear required: closed-toed athletic footwear only, prohibited footwear include cleats, boots, sandals and flip-flops.

* Approved and accredited squash eye wear are mandatory for all junior players under 19 and recommended for all other players.

* No food or beverages allowed on the squash courts.

* Drugs and/or smoking/ tobacco products are not permitted.

* Signs, posters or advertisements may NOT be placed in SSSC on any walls, bulletin boards, doors, and other areas without prior management approval.

* Pictures, videos may NOT be taken any time in the locker room/restrooms.

* Squash courts may not be used for private or commercial purposes, individual and/or team coaching and practices and/or private lessons unless such activity has been approved by the Board of Directors and Club Manager of the SSSC.

* Members and guests are expected to display appropriate and acceptable conduct while using the squash courts. SSSC reserves the right to refuse access or remove any individuals whose behavior is inappropriate or in violation of the SSSC’s rules and regulations.

* Court bookings are 45 minutes in duration. A 15 minute “grace” period will be permitted, however, if a member (or guest) exceeds this grace period, an additional court will be booked and applied to their account without notice.

* If a member plays on a court without a court booking an additional $10.00 fee will be applied without notice.

* Exchange rate at the SSSC is $.80 for USD conversion