Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League after round 7

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Round 7 of the Baker Tilly Corporate League saw the last night of league play before moving on to the Playoffs and Finals and every team was hungry for a win, with 3 of the 4 match ups coming down to the doubles match at the end.

UBS took on KPMG Kman securing an 11-4 win overall but Kman really made them work for it. David Finch played Samantha Hennings in the A division with both players leaving it all out on the court. Hennings took the first game but Finch was able to draw on his experience to claim the next 3 games, and the match, winning 3-1.

DMS came head to head with Undecided, which was always going to be a cracker of a match up and the teams didn’t disappoint, delivering excellent performances. In the end it was DMS’s night as they claimed the win 9-8, with it all coming down to the doubles match at the end.  The A game of Neil Stone-Wigg of DMS vs Claire Roscoe of Undecided ended up being one of the matches of the evening. Stone-Wigg took the first game fairly comfortably 11-3 which only fired Roscoe up, who used a combination of a tricky lob serve and deft touch to claim the second game 9/11. The players continued to trade games until Stone-Wigg, using his skill and accuracy, eventually took the fifth game 11/9 and therefore the match. A truly impressive display from both players.

Baker Tilly played the KPMG Kobras in another match up that ended up being decided by the doubles at the end, with the Kobras just squeaking the win 9-8. A special mention has to be given to Matthew Dube and Emma Turnbull, two juniors who filled in for Baker Tilly this week. Matthew Dube secured a solid 3-0 win and Emma Turnbull showed some real grit to come back from 2-0 down and win 3-2.

The RBC Lions have found some form and continued their winning ways with a 9-8 win over AON Red Tornadoes, making it 2 wins in 2 weeks. The best match up of these two teams was Alistair Cowper of RBC vs Jasun Sairsingh of AON. Cowper, eager to get as much Squash out of the evening as possible, had a long 5 setter against Jasun Sairsingh, but managed to keep his cool and beat the junior 11/8 in the fifth.

The playoff matches will be:

AON Red Tornadoes vs KPMG Kobras

DMS vs Undecided

UBS vs Baker Tilly

KPMG Kman vs RBC Lions


Baker Tilly Corporate League after Round 6

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

We are now well into the Baker Tilly Corporate League but there’s no sign of the Squash slowing down! Baker Tilly, the league sponsor, faced off against the RBC Lions, who were hungry for points! RBC came out guns blazing and managed to score the maximum 13 points, their best performance this season. A special mention has to be given to Alistair Cowper, the RBC Captain, who pulled of a gutsy 3-2 win against Dwight Dube, with both players fighting right until the end.

Undecided came up against KPMG Kobras losing 5 points to 9 with a strong performance from super sub Daniel Murphy beating Claire Roscoe 3-1. Despite the loss Undecided are still sitting in 3rd place just 9 points separating them from the number 1 spot.

DMS, lead by their A player Neil Stone-Wigg, had another storming victory claiming the full 13 points for the second week in a row. This leaves them in 2 points behind the top team with only 1 week of league matches to go.

Finally, UBS played the top team AON Red Tornadoes. Despite strong performances from UBS, AON just had too much firepower and were the third team of the night to claim the max 13 points keeping them in top position.

The points tally after Week 6 is:
1 AON Red Tornadoes 64

2 DMS 61

3 Undecided 55

4 KPMG Kobras 45

5 KPMG Kman 44

6 UBS 40

7 RBC Lions 30

8 Baker Tilly 24


Baker Tilly Corporate League after Round 5

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

During round 5 of the Baker Tilly corporate squash league we witnessed 2 teams gaining maximum points and reasserting themselves on the leaderboard. Both DMS and Undecided claimed the maximum 13 points available against RBC Lions and Baker Tilly respectively. RBC Lions Captain Alistair Cowper was the only lions player to gain any points for his team, narrowly losing 3-1 to Jorge Vera of DMS. Both Richard Reading, Baker Tilly captain, and Josh Gosling managed to claim Baker Tilly’s only points of the evening too, both finishing 3-1 against the family duo of Claire Roscoe and Mischa Kluyver, (Mother and daughter combo) at A and C string respectively. These results moves Undecided up to 2nd and DMS to 3rd with only 3 points separating the top 3. AON Red Tornadoes are still clinging onto their top spot which was secured with a 4 match to 1 victory over last weeks 2nd place team KPMG Kman. AON’s A player Gabe Rabess overcame Jackie Geils 3-1, AON’s B Steve Smith proved too strong for Seb Poznansky winning in 3. But KPMG Kman’s Alex Johnson pulled off a great win in the C spot against the experienced Justin Robinson of AON 3 games to 0, when asked what he thought of his performance Alex responded with ‘I didn’t think I had it in me to play like that….this just makes me want to play more!’ Cayman Junior Alexander Artuch claimed the D string for Aon for the overall match win and just to rub it in the doubles also went AON’s way.
We also saw a middle table clash between KPMG Kobras and UBS, with Kobras sitting ontop of UBS last week, this week it was UBS’s turn to take control. This was the tightest match up of the night with the C string going the full distance and Eddie Nolons for the Kobras closing out the match in the 5th and final game 11/9. A, B and D positions went UBS’s way with 3-1 victories for David Finch over Erik Fell, Aaron Moench over Jarydd Moore and Paul Broderick over Gautham Ganeshan. The doubles was won by KPMG Kobras which gave them 7 points for the evening against UBS’s 11, this allowed UBS to switch places in the leaderboard and move from 6 to 5 going into next weeks round 6.
Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Round 5
1 AON Red Tornadoes 51
2 Undecided 50
3 DMS 48
4 KPMH Kman 42
5 UBS 39
6 KPMG Kobras 36
7 Baker Tilly 21
8 RBC Lions 17



Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League round 4

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Following the results of round 3 where both DMS and AON Red Tornadoes held footing at the top of the leaderboard, round 4 proved to be a very contentious evening of squash. DMS were missing their stalwart and A player Neil Stone-wigg, which put a put a serious kink in their side, that said they managed to attain a respectable 7 points from a fired up UBS side narrowly losing 3 matches to 2. David Finch took full advantage in the A position for UBS and cleaned up Jorge Vera of DMS 3-0, B & C matched went DMS’s way both 3-1 leaving the D string and doubles to decide the outcome. Taka Hamilton of UBS outplayed Jeff Jones for a 3-1 win and the Doubles match showed that UBS had better communication than DMS on this occasion and comfortably cruised to victory.
AON Red Tornadoes were flying, although it has to be said they had more horsepower than usual! Contraversial team line up was mumbled throughout the crowd who were witnessing an assassination at A and B positions against the cold blooded KPMG Kobras. Gabe Rabess played A and Steve Smith B for AON, when previously only 1 have played at anytime in the A spot, with very little difference between players abilities. KPMG’s Erik Fell took the brunt of Rabess’s firepower whilst Patrick McConvey got caught in the exhausts of Smith, both losing 3-0. Eddie Nolons at C for the Kobras claimed 2 games from Robert Tate in the tightest contest of the evening. The D match went to Alexandra Artuch for AON, against Gautham Ganeshan, who is full of confidence after claiming the Cayman National under 17 girls title last weekend. AON Red Tornadoes achieved maximum points which took them 3 points clear at the top of the table.
The Undecided moved up from 5 to 3 with a solid 4-1 victory over RBC Lions and Baker Tilly claimed a respectable 7 points from KPMG Kman to take them off the bottom of the table.
Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Table after round 4
1 AON Red Tornadoes 41
2 KPMG Kman 38
3 Undecided 37
4 DMS 35
5 KPMG Kobras 29
6 UBS 28
7 Baker Tilly 19
8 RBC Lions 16


Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League is well under way!!

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League is well underway now. KPMG Cobras came into this new league as defending champions, but got themselves off to a rocky start with a 3 match to 2 defeat by DMS. 2 of the matches went the full distance and could have tipped the balance in KPMG’s favor, but it wasn’t to be on the night with DMS’s captain and A player Neil Stone-wigg closing out Erik Fell in a craftily played 5th game which twisted and turned the younger Fell and eventually brought him to his knees 11/9. Aon red Tornadoes, were very decisive against the league sponsor Baker Tilly dropping only 4 games in total and gaining 11 themselves. KPMG Kman were the most aggressive team on the night though, against league newcomers RBC Lions, claiming the maximum 13 points whilst dropping 3 games. The team captains, Samantha Hennings(KPMG Kman) and Alistair Cowper(RBC Lions) were the A players who had the longest game of the night lasting well over an hour with Hennings just getting the better of Cowper 13/11 in the fifth and final game of tremendous squash.
The top 5 positions after the first round saw KPMG Kman out in front with 13, followed by DMS and AON Red Tornadoes both on 11, with Undecided in 4th place and defending champions KPMG Cobras in 5th.
Round 2 provided more intense matches than round 1, however it was DMS who have stamped their feet on this league so far and taken over the top spot. Claiming all the available points with a crushing victory over Baker Tilly 13 points to 1. Baker Tilly’s Richard Reading showed great determination and court coverage against Neil Stone-wigg of DMS with the highest scoring game of the league so far pushing Stone-wigg to the limit, but narrowly missing out on the game 14/16, this proved too tough to replicate for the next two games. We were entertained by a KPMG head to head with the newly named  KPMG Kman taking a relaxed stance against the tightly coiled KPMG Kobras. It seems that even though the Kobras claimed a 3 match to 2 victory, the Kman crew had the perfect antidote by gaining more games in the matches they lost and came away with a higher point tally overall 10 to 7. This places the KPMG Kman team just 1 point shy of DMS at the top. RBC Lions and UBS battled it out  for the bottom 2 spots, this was a very tight match up and they were stood neck and neck at 2 matches apiece going into the deciding doubles match. Both teams put their best 2 players out there and it showed with a very intense and nail biting game which was only decided by 2 points at the end, RBC Lions took a gamble at 13 all and went for a winner, which paid off giving them the first match ball. This proved to be a difficult point to win as it had to be replayed 3 times due to let decisions by the referee, on the 4th occasion UBS were pinned into a corner and RBC Lions forced an error with a very tight shot deep into the back corner giving the lions the win and taking them off the bottom spot to equal 6th alongside UBS.
The Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Standings after round 2:
1 DMS 24
2 KPMG Kman 23
3 AON Red Tornadoes 18
4 Undecided 17
5 KPMG Kobras 14
6= UBS 10
6= RBC Lions 10
8 Baker Tilly 5



Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league is getting closer…

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Its time to sign up your teams again! email or to enter your team of 4 players consisting of an A, B, C and D standard player.

The league will run on Thursday nights from 12th February for approx 10 weeks.

We have the following teams already signed up and ready to go… KPMG Racketeers, KPMG Kobras, Baker Tilly, UBS….Looking forward to hearing from you guys….

Harvard and Brown universities love SSSC!

Brown University Pic Brown University Squash team had an amazing time here in Cayman and loved the facilities we are spoilt with, here at SSSC. These universities have the ability to travel abroad once every 4 years for a training week mid season and both Brown and Harvard chose Cayman this time round.

They really did put some hours in on court too, both teams training for at least 3hrs per day for 6 of the 7 days they were here. They mixed in some yoga, beach runs and team bonding exercises too. Also it wouldn’t be a complete trip without visiting the Stingrays, which they all loved and showed them who were comfortable with the Rays and who were not!!

It was great to have SSSC full of people, which created a tremendous buzz around the club..we aim for this to continue and look forward to more activities happening on a regular basis. Look out for the upcoming Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League starting feb 12th. If you want to enter a team email mark or Alex on or to register.



KPMG Kobras win the Baker Tilley corporate squash league

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

KPMG trophyThe final evening of the Baker Tilly Corporate squash league got underway with the top 2 teams going head to head to determine who claims this seasons top honors! KPMG had an 9 point advantage going into then tie against S & M Mixed Breed. S & M’s young Kali Maclean cleaned up KPMG’s Gautam Ganeshan 3/0 in the D position, then Deliah Canham kept the domination going with a 3-1 victory over Jarydd Moore. This put serious pressure on KPMG’s captain Samantha Hennings playing B against Cayman junior Jasun Sairsingh. She handled it well and managed to squeeze an early lead for the first game 11/7, the second was a little closer right up to 7 all, when Hennings edged away again and secured a 2-0 lead 11/8. The third game proved too much for Sairsingh and he tried his heart out, but couldn’t change the tide and Hennings took the 3rd also 11/8. This left Erik Fell of KPMG to seal the deal against another Cayman junior Isaiah Robinson, the first game went to fell 11/6, the second saw some great attritional rallies and again fell kept on top and squeezed it 11/6. Robinson’s confidence was waining and he was unable to turn his game around eventually going down 11/3 in the 3rd. This win gave KPMG the title, and Samantha Hennings was ecstatic, she said “KPMG have supported and taken part in the Baker Tilly corporate squash league for a few years now and I am delighted that we were able to finally get our name on the Golden Trophy!”
There were some other very notable wins on the night, with Sea Elements coming up against Digicel Diehards and gaining enough points to leapfrog S & M Mixed Breed and claim the 2nd spot. This was achieved by wins from more Cayman Juniors, Marc Nelson and Charlie Riker at D and C positions and both taking ruthless 3-0 victories against Nick Manning and Mark Mimnagh. It was Digicel’s B player, Jody Jervis who claimed some glory with a 3-1 win over Tony Riker with some fantastic ball striking and shot making. Then came the match up of the night, digicels Julian Jervis against Alex Frazer of Sea elements, These guys have just returned from representing Cayman at the recent CAC games and were doubles partners. On paper Jervis got the nod through his previous victories over Alex in the lead up to the CAC Games and he also represented Cayman at #2 and Alex at #3 in the team event, however Frazer had a difference of opinion on the night. The match began with Frazer taking an early lead going 8-4 up in the first only for the lead to be clawed back by Jervis who claimed first blood 11/9, the second game began the same way as the first, but this time Frazer didn’t make the same errors and held onto ta lead closing the game out 11/6. Things were getting much more tense at this point and both players were so fired up, the fist pumping began early in this game after some tremendous rallies where both players had covered the court from corner to corner eventually squeezing an error from each other. They eventually found themselves at 9-9, this time Jervis pulled off 2 fantastic shots to win the game 11/9. The 4th was tight, literally point for point, then at 6all frazer seemed to be putting more work into the younger Jervis and managed to out maneuver him sufficiently to gain 2 well earned points, this kept his nose ahead and after trading the next few rallies he claimed the 4th game 11/8 to level things up for a 5th and final game. The crowd were on the edge of their seats and getting very vocal now, which seemed to help Frazer as it gave him real encouragement, the level of squash was superb and the court coverage was better than in the first few games, it really started to come down to consistency and choice of shot, this is where, perhaps to his surprise, Frazer was slightly more effective especially at the sharp end of the game. Once again they were sat at 9-9 in the fifth game and neither wanted to be on the wrong end of this result, Frazer managed to keep his cool and deliver some well timed shots and deft touches to expose Jervis and force him deep into the 4 corners of the court, this proved too much in the end and the final 2 points went to Alex Frazer giving him the win 11/9.
It was a fantastic finish to the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league and everyone is very happy to be involved. All teams are looking forward to getting back at it in the new year. The New Baker Tilly corporate squash league will begin in feb 2015.
Final positions:

1 KPMG Kobras 88
2 Sea Elements 81
3 DMS 80
4 S & M Mixed Breed 78
5 UBS 64
6 Digicel Diehards 61
7 Baker Tilly 58
= The Directors 58
9 KPMG Racketeers 55
10 Harmonic Hitters 38

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Round 8

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Round 8 of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league provided some strong competition with a late surge from Sea Elements who drowned out their opponents UBS without dropping a single game, claiming the maximum points on offer and bumping them up to 3rd spot. S & M mixed breed consolidated their 2nd position with a win over Digicel Diehards and KPMG Kobras have kept up their fine form on the top of the pile taking out Harmonic Hitters  and stretching their lead to 9 points with only one match remaining in the league and its a match up between the top 2 teams, KPMG Kobras against S & M Mixed Breed.
Erik Fell of KPMG Kobras stumbled, but regained his footing to overcome Sean Murphy of Harmonic Hitters in a close 3-1 in the A position, this was followed by Samantha Hennings(Kobras captain) getting the better of Gavin McMaster in a 3-0 win. Cayman Junior and C player for KPMG, Emma Turnbull performed very well against Harmonics captain Clare Lazenby taking the match 3-0. The D match up was the tightest contest of the night, Tony Attenborough of Harmonic got a great start to take the first 2 games from Guatam Ganesh, the 3rd game went to a tie break and Guatam manage to edge out Tony 12-10. The momentum was certainly in Guatam’s favor and he held onto a 3 point lead throughout the game closing it out 11-8. The 5th game started much the same as the 4th with Guatam winning 3 early rallies and giving him the upper hand, Tony rallied well but couldn’t seem to close the gap and eventually the result went to Guatam 11-8 and 3 games to 2.

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Table

1 KPMG Kobras 81
2 S & M Mixed Breed 72
3 Sea Elements 71
4 DMS 67
5 UBS 62
6 Digicel Diehards 55
= Baker Tilly 55
8 The Directors 49
9 KPMG Racketeers 41
10 Harmonic Hitters 38

Marlene and Cameron Claim CAC Games GOLD Medal!!!!

Marz & Cameron CAC Gold Marlene West and Cameron Stafford win against the odds. The pair claim the CAC Games Gold Medal for the mixed doubles here in Veracruz, Mexico. Caymans first medal of the games! They over came the number 1 seeds from Colombia( Miguel Rodriguez World Rank 13 and Catalina Pelaez) in the semi final 2/1 with the final point at 10-10 in the 3rd being decided by Cameron rolling out a dead nick! The final was against mexico and the number 2 seeds, who they lost to in the pan American festival 2 months ago. this match was much the same last he previous one, except for some terrible referring by 3 colombian refs, who in my opinion either hadn’t a clue what the difference was between singles and doubles refereeing or were simply biased towards their neibours – which made the win even more sweet. Again Marlene was solid on the forehand side and Cameron came up with some of his wizardry and at 10-10 in the 3rd and final game he hammered another out right winner into the side wall nick to claim the title and shut the partizan crowd up! 🙂

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