Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League round 7

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League   

Both DMS and KPMG Cobras were on fire for the 6th Round of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League each claiming the maximum 13 points against their respective opponents. DMS overcame Baker Tilly and KPMG Kobras ousted The Directors in similar fashion. S & M Mixed breed managed to jump into joint pole position alongside KPMG Cobras with a convincing win over the former top spot holders Sea Elements, the only point claimed for Sea Elements by their A player Alex Frazer against S & M’s Marlene West, both of whom will be representing Cayman in the CAC Games currently being played in Mexico.
Round 7 of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league saw KPMG Kobras clash against their colleagues KPMG Racketeers, it was a ruthless affair with the Kobras having quicker reactions and ultimately sinking their teeth into the Racketeers claiming their 2nd maximum points in a row 13 and securing their lead by 7 points ahead of S & M mixed Breed going in to the last 2 rounds. One of the notable performances of the evening was by Kali Maclean(14yrs old and Cayman Junior Representative) at D position where she over came the athleticism of Eddie Noyers in a very close match 3 games to 1. Baker Tilly bounced back from a crushing defeat last week to outplay The Directors this week claiming 12 of a possible 13 points and only allowing the Directors 4, this moves them up 2 spots to 7th in the table. UBS have continued with their solid performances claiming 10 points from the previous hotshots S & M Mixed Breed with their wins coming from the A, B & D positions Steve Smith, Aaron Manflu and Paul Broderick 3/2, 3/0, 3/0. UBS Captain Corbus Pietersen took a game off the in form Deliah Slater of S & M, never the less he was very happy with his teams performance and their progress to equal 2nd place in the table. Sea Elements surprised DMS with a 3 matches to 2 defeat, 2 of which came at the hands of Charlie Riker(13yrs old at C) and Marc Nelson(13 yrs old at D), Charlie took out Jeff Jones 3-0 and Marc outplayed James Osbourne 3-1. The A string battle was won by Alex Frazer over Neil Stone-wigg of DMS, leaving Jorge Vera at B for DMS to pick up some slack, which he managed to do 3-0 against Mike Nelson. This result sees Sea Elements switch places with DMS in the 4th and 5th positions.
Just 2 more rounds to go with KPMG Kobras looking strong in pole position and they come up against Harmonic Hitters, whilst S & M mixed breed are pitted against Digicel Diehards and UBS against Sea Elements.

Table after round 7.

1 KPMG Kobras 69
2 S & M Mixed Breed 62
= UBS 62
4 Sea Elements 58
5 DMS 57
6 Digicel Diehards 53
7 BakerTilly 46
8 The Directors 43
9 KPMG Racketeers 38
10 Harmonic Hitters 34

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League, round 5

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The Baker Tilly corporate squash league round 5 was a very lively evening at SSSC. S & M Mixed Breed showed DMS who’s boss by dominating them with an 11-4 game win, ultimately pushing them from pole position down to 6th and stabilizing their 2nd placing. Dave McGrath made his first appearance in his team at D string and the first game for 5 years, despite this he still ‘has it’ and controlled Jeff Jones of DMS claiming a 3-0 victory. Marlene West on the other hand had just come from claiming the Women’s A SSSC Championships title the prior evening, but couldn’t hold off the wily old Neil Stone-wigg(SSSC Championships 50+ winner) who snatched a 3/2 win from the younger West! Sea Elements took full advantage of their tie against Harmonic Hitters and came away with the maximum score of 13 points which boosted them to the top of the leader board for the first time. KPMG Kobras raised their game against Baker Tilly taking the match 12 points to 4 and elevating them into 4th spot. Digicel Diehards and The Directors had a much closer affair with Digicel winning the matches 3 to 2. Their number 1 player Julian Jervis was flying high after claiming the SSSC Championships Men’s A title less than 24hr before, so to even things up he was awarded a scoring handicap of negative 7 points per game against The Directors Chris Bailey. Jervis won the first game 13/11 and lost the second 9/11, but managed to keep up the pressure on the less mobile Bailey to win the 3rd and 4th both 13/11. The top 5 positions are now separated by just 1 point each, going into round 6 from 9. The tension is certainly building and everyone is looking forward to doing battle to see who is going to come out on top.

1 Sea Elements 46
2 S & M Mixed Breed 45
3 UBS 44
4 KPMG Kobras 43
5 Digicel Diehards 42
6 DMS 39
7 The Directors 36
8 Baker Tilly 33
9 KPMG Racketeers 27
10 Harmonic Hitters 20

Results of SSSC Championships, with prizes from Alphasoft

Alphasoft logoMen’s A winner – Julian Jervis – Runner Up – Alex Frazer

Women’s A winner – Marlene West – Runner Up – Claire Roscoe


Men’s B winner – Jeff Danter – Runner Up – Matthew Wight


Women’s B winner – Sally Jackson – Runner Up – Tanja Ebanks


Men’s C/D winner – Maxwell Johnson – Runner Up – David Pitcairn


Women’s C/D winner – Kathy Barnett – Runner Up – Tina Dobbin


Men’s 50+ winner – Neil Stone-wigg – Runner Up – Jeffery Broderick


Doubles Winners – Marlene West & Alex Frazer – Runners Up – Julian Jervis & Jody Jervis


Men’s A consolation winner – Daniel Murphy – Runner Up – Sean Murphy


Men’s B consolation winner – Mike Bowden – Runner Up – Seb Poznansky


Women’s B consolation winner – Jade Pitcairn – Runner Up – Cathy Maclean


Men’s C/D consolation winner – Carlo Artana – Runner Up – Kai Dobbin




Finals Night – Tonight! Weds 5th Nov. SSSC Championships with prizes donated by Alphasoft


Alphasoft logo

Just a brief update on the progress of the SSSC Championships with prizes donated by Alphasoft. Come down and watch some great matches…..
Weds 5th Nov – Finals night:
5:45pm Mens A Conso Final – Daniel Murphy v Sean Muprhy
Mens C/D Final – Maxwell Johnson v David Pitcairn
Mens 50+ Match – Ray Farrington v Nick Buckley
Mens C/D Conso Final – Carlo Artana v Kai Dobbin
6:30pm Mens B Conso Final – Mike Bowden v Seb Poznansky
Mens 50+ Final – Jeffery Broderick v Neil Stone-wigg
Doubles – Marlene West/Alex Frazer v Julian Jervis/Jody Jervis
7:15pm Mens B Final – Matthew Wight v Jeff Danter
Women’s A Final – Marlene West v Claire Kluyver
Womens B Final – Tanja Ebanks v Sally Jackson
8:00pm Men’s A Final – Julian Jervis v Alex Frazer



SSSC Championships, with prizes donated by Alphasoft

Alphasoft logo

We have the following matches this evening: Monday 3rd Nov


 5:30pm – Mens c/d Semi-final – Jona narborough v Maxwell Johnson


5:30pm – Womens c/d Semi-final – Tanja Ebanks v Mischa Kluyver


6:00pm – Mens c/d Semi-final – David Pitcairn v Lee Lewis


Womens B Conso Semi – Claire Guilbert v Jade Pitcairn


Womens B Conso Semi – Kali Maclean v Cathy Maclean


Mens c/d Conso Semi – Nicholas Cooper v Kai Dobbin


630pm –  Womens B Semi Final – Alexandra Artuch v Sally Jackson


Mens B Semi Final – Matthew Wight v Richard Reading


Mens B Semi Final – Gyles Luke v Jeff Danter


Mens 50+ – Ray Farringdon v Robert Sairsingh


Mens c/d Conso Semi – Carlo Artana v Ryan Smith


Mens B Conso Semi – Mike Bowden v Nick Buckley


7:15pm Womens A –  Marlene West v Samantha Hennings


Mens A Semis – Julian Jervis v Stephen Gilbert


Mens A Semis – Neil Stone-wigg v Alex Frazer



Tuesday 4th Nov:



5:45pm Doubles – Frank Brennan/Mike Cansell v Christian Dube/Gyles Luke


50+ Neil Stone-wigg v Nick Buckley


6:30pm Womens A – Samantha Hennings v Alison Linley


Doubles – Frank Bernnan/Mike Cansell v Julian Jervis/Jody Jervis


Doubles – Marlene West/Alex Frazer v Christian Dube/Gyles Luke


7:15pm Womens A – Claire Kluyver v Jackie Geils


Doubles – Julian Jervis/Jody Jervis v Neil Stone-wigg/Erik Fell



Weds 5th Nov – Finals night:



5:45pm Mens A Conso Final


Mens C/D Final


Mens 50+ Match


Mens C/D Conso Final


6:30pm Mens B Conso Final


Mens 50+ Final – Jeffery Broderick v Neil Stone-wigg


Doubles – Marlene West/Alex Frazer v Julian Jervis/Jody Jervis


Womens C/D Conso Final


7:15pm Mens B Final


Marlene West v Claire Kluyver


Womens B Final


8:00pm Men’s A Final.


Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League, round 4

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Round 4 of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash league saw DMS, S & M mixed Breed and UBS all climb the ladder of success. DMS overcame KPMG Kobras with an emphatic 4-1 match victory gaining them 11 points from a maximum 13 available. The A string was the tightest match of the tie, KPMG’s Erik Fell taking a 2-0 lead against the wise old Neil Stone-wigg, only to be reeled in over the next 3 as Stone-wigg craftily worked the younger Fell around the court, almost to extinction! S & M mixed breed dominated Harmonic Hitters 4 matches to 1, the ace up Harmonics sleeve was the appearance of Cameron Stafford against a fellow Cayman representative Myron Blair, to even the match up Cameron had a points handicap of 6 for the first game, which he won 11-6, the second game the score started at 0-7 and went to a tie break, which Stafford won 12-10, the 3rd started at 0-8 and also event to a tie break, again the result went in Staffords favor, wrapping the match up 3-0. UBS have pulled out 2 solid performances over the past 2 outings, this time attaining 12 points from the directors, all 4 singles matches went UBS’s way, but they couldn’t clinch the doubles for a clean sheet.
Next weeks tie will see S&M Mixed breed go head to head with DMS for a top of the table clash of titans!
1 DMS 35

2 S & M Mixed Breed 34
3 Digicel Diehards 33
= Sea Elements 33
= UBS 33
6 KPMG Kobras 31
7 Baker Tilly 29
8 The Directors 27
9 KPMG Racketeers 23
10 Harmonic Hitters 19


SSSC Championships 2014

Alphasoft logoAlphasoft have been very generous and donated some brilliant prizes for this years SSSC Championships which are currently underway. We have managed to get most of the first rounds played so far and tonight is Quarter final night, so there should be some good matches on the roster….Women’s A matches are  Claire Kluyver v Alison Linley and Samantha Hennings v Jackie Geils @ 6:30 and 8pm, Mens A match is Neil Stone-wigg v David Finch @ 5:30pm. Women’s B we have Barlo Maclean v Tanja Ebanks, Mischa Kluyver v Alicia Proud and Alexandra Artuch v Trina Savage @5:45pm followed by Sally Jackson v Emma Turnbull @ 6:30pm. Men’s B is Jody Jervis v Jeff Danter, Matthew Wight v Jasun Sairsingh and Richard Reading v Christian Dube @ 7:15pm. There are also 2 doubles matches on between Mike Cansell & Frank Brennan v Marlene West & Alex Frazer @ 6:30pm, then Cansell & Brennan are taking on Neil Stone-wigg & Erik Fell @ 7:15pm. Should be a good night!

Alphasoft logo

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Round 3

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Week 3 of the Baker Tilly corporate squash league was a entertaining evening of squash culminating in a reshuffle of the league table. Namely Marlene West’s S & M mixed breed jumping from 9th up to 4th equal with a destructive victory over KPMG Racketeers gaining maximum points and only dropping a single games in the tie. The most spectacular match of the night was between KPMG Kobras Samantha Hennings and Digicel’s Jody Jervis, Hennings claimed first blood, but then took her foot off the gas and Jervis capitalized with his furious hitting winning the 2nd and 3rd games. The 4th game was a return to form for hennings and she moved Jervis around the court, more than he would have liked, he started crumbling and she took that game to level the score at 2 games a piece. The 5th and final game was a tense battle trading point for point up to 8all, then Jervis hit a ball down the middle, but covered the ’T’ meanwhile Hennings didn’t appear to realize and hit the ball as hard as she possibly could, striking Jervis on the calf – ouch! As this was not intentional and the ball was traveling directly to the front wall, Hennings was awarded the point. Serving at 9-8 in the final game, Hennings was able to keep her focus, whilst Jervis was a little shaken and tired and she tok the following point to give her match ball. This was converted following another long rally with both players covering the court from corner to corner eventually leading to the ball being just out of reach of Jervis. This match secured the Win for KPMG Kobras over the top of the league Digicel Diehards.




Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League Round 2

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Round 2 of the Baker Tilly corporate squash league gained momentum and the teams are beginning to stamp their authority on the league table. Digicel managed to hold onto the top spot by beating DMS 4 matches to 1, but at one stage this could have gone either way. The C and D players had monumental battles with the result tipping in Digicels favor 3-2 for each tie, this left DMS with a lot to do, They claimed a scalp in the B with a victory from Jasun Sairsingh over Chris Hayman 3–0. The 4th match was Digicel and Cayman’s Caribbean Junior Champion U17, Julian Jervis against Stephen Gilbert of DMS, Stephen started strong and gained an early lead, but soon Julian found his stride and began to dominate the first game closing it out 11-7, the second was more ruthless than the first with Jervis capitalizing on some errors from Gilbert to claim it 11-3, and the 3rd was much the same to Gilberts dismay. The doubles match also went Digicels way. KPMG Racketeers jumped from 5th up to 3rd with an impressive display against Harmonic Hitters gaining 3 out of 4 individual matches, their colleagues KPMG Kobras however dropped from 3rd to 5th after a tight match up against UBS. UBS recruited David Finch as their A player, which strengthened their squad considerably giving them one of their 2 match victories.

1 Digicel Diehards 23
2 Baker Tilly 19
3 KPMG Racketeers 18
4 The Directors 17
5 KPMG Kobras 16
= Sea Elements 16
7 DMS 13
8 S & M Mixed Breed 11
9 Harmonic Hitters 9
10 UBS 6


Baker Tilley Corporate Squash League Results after Round 1

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League

The first night of the Baker Tilly Corporate Squash League got underway with both Baker Tilly and Digicel dominating their matches. Whilst Baker Tilly overcame the S & M Mixed Breed team, taking full advantage of them missing their best player in Marlene West and claiming all 5 matches, a notable battle came from Gyles Luke(Cayman Junior representative) against the far more experienced Rick Bengle. The youngster took the first game 11/4, Rick bounced back and gained momentum in the 2nd narrowly holding on to lead and forcing an error in the tiebreak to take it 13/11. The 3rd game swung back in Gyles favor with him taking 4 quick points at the start of the game, he managed to hold onto this lead to go 2-1 up in games. The experience of Rick kicked in and he was calmer when the game progressed which lead to him applying too much pressure on Gyles and forcing errors at the end of the 4th, the 5th game was much the same whilst Gyles fight was spirited, he couldn’t seem to convert the chances he had and eventually went down 11-7 in the fifth.

Julian Jervis lead the Digicel team to a crushing victory over UBS with a decisive 3-0 win, this was followed by Chris Hayman at B showing Jason who’s the boss also 3-0, not to be out done Brian Hurley carried on the rout against Corbus Pietersen in the same fashion. It was only in the D string where UBS had the opportunity to grab a game when 2 of the 3 games went into extra time, unfortunately they both fell Digicel’s way and it wasn’t to be as Mark Mimnagh beat Paul 16/14, 12/10, 11/9.
The Standing after Round 1:
1= Baker Tilly 13
1= Digicel 13
3= KPMG Kobras 9
3= Harmonic Hitters 9
5=  KPMG Racketeers 8
5= Sea Elements 8
7= DMS 6
7= The Directors 6
9   S & M Mixed Breed 2
10 UBS 0



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